The ideal partner for producing your designs

We make a great job of your bags and a great job of your brand

Effebi specializes in producing bags for top Italian and overseas brands. The company started life in 2006 and since then has combined artisanal tradition successfully with cutting-edge technological innovation. Result? A service revolving entirely around the customer’s needs.

Meticulous methodology, from the selection of the best raw materials to the end product

From finding the most reliable suppliers to the choice of the best hides, from assembly to packaging, each step is carefully controlled. Technology plays an important role in our production processes, applying the latest innovations in the technical and information fields.

Effebi: where past meets future

2006 | Welcome, Effebi
After 15 years of experience in the family business specializing in contract manufacture of handbags, leather goods and belts, brothers Luca and Manuel Bortolotto founded the Effebi brand. From day one, Effebi’s mission was to give continuity to the craft cutting and production of bags, relying heavily on innovation.

2009 | Welcome, L.M.
Apart from Effebi’s manufacture of handbags, Manuel Bortolotto differentiated when he founded the L.M. brand. The company specialized in leather goods for major Italian and international brands, producing items of the highest standards.

2010 | All-round service
Meanwhile Effebi continued to grow and develop the entire production chain, from the choice of accessories to the selection of hides, quality control on every single piece to shipment, aiming to provide a quality product meeting the expectations of top fashion brands.

2013 | The Skin brand arrives
The latest addition to the family is Skin srl brand, producing leather bags. This new brand was conceived to meet the demands of an increasingly selective Italian and overseas purchaser, attentive to the quality of raw materials and the precision and design of products.

2014 | Effebi grows up
In Effebi know-how is rooted in artisanal tradition and harmonizes skilfully with cutting-edge technologies. Results soon materialize. Effebi wins top commissions for leading Italian and international brands of bags, leather goods and belts.

From 2014 to the present | The perfect partner for your designs
Today Effebi is able to meet the requests of increasingly demanding customers, even at international level. Let us be your ideal partner for implementing your ideas and your designs in the best possible way.


Artisanal know-how complementing technological innovation. The result is a product of superior quality and excellence that will satisfy the needs of even the most prestigious Italian and international brands.


Our mission at Effebi has always focused on meticulous production methods and attention to detail, for a perfect end product that will satisfy the customer in every way.

We work in harmony to pursue an objective
for top quality results

Our team working in harmony and combining artisanal skills, attention to detail and technical innovation. We believe that teamwork is essential for working well and obtaining the best results, tailored to the needs of each customer.

All-round service
20,000 bags per month
10% of turnover invested in innovation