Our values

Effebi's core values are to innovate with the best technologies, grow skills, revive the importance of artisanal expertise.
The objective is to suppy products of unique quality and develop a relantionship with its customers based on transparency.

We are there, always, for the team and the customer

We believe transparency, presence and personal dedication are the key to lasting business relationships ‘Be as open as you can with people. It promotes trust and supports growth.’ This is our philosophy. We think open exchange and a calm approach promote improvement and innovation within the company. Exchange of ideas and information underpins our work and our rapport with customers.

Ongoing investment in R&D

Innovation has always been in our blood. Since its inception, Effebi’s innovation has been at the core of corporate philosophy and the production process. We use cutting-edge technology and equipment, used to transmit the job code and specific employee bar code to a computer or the CAD-CAM systems that automatically scan models and start the processing cycle.

Our roots are in artisan skills, in passion for innovation, in our vision of the future.

Since its inception, Effebi has blended traditional crafting techniques for the production of leather goods with modern industrial processes. The result is an innovative style, where tradition and artisan’s skills handed down over the generations harmonize with ongoing technical research and serve to grow our excellence. There is no better way to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding and attentive consumer.

The quest for quality is our mission.

Each and every leather bag or other item made by Effebi has a long story to tell, which starts with the selection of the best leathers procured from the best suppliers and continues with quality crafting techniques performed by expert hands, accompanied by the use of the most sophisticated technological equipment. Last but not least, assembly of the various elements and accessories (rivets, buckles…) and quality control carried out on every single item, packaging and shipping.

We think that every single detail really ‘makes a difference’.

Our meticulous attention to every single detail, even what seems to be marginal, is the underpinning for the quality of each product. At every stage of the production chain we focus totally on the details that make the difference. From finding the best hide to working with the precision of an artisan, assembly, packaging and shipping, the care dedicated to the details, to providing a unique product, is an essential part of our work.

Our deadlines to the customer are our priority.

Effebi was founded on meticulous, detail-oriented methodology that is both logical and clear. We monitor every design and process stage in our leather cycles, so that we can ensure prompt control of each action implemented in our production chain. Everything at Effebi is based on method: we check each work stage so as to comply with turnaround times but also to guarantee the best quality for the product.

‘Being a team’ overcome hurdles and makes for better working

At Effebi we believe in the importance of ‘working together to address and overcome challenges, with the shared goal of improving performance and ensuring top results.
The Effebi team is a real team, based on mutual trust, cooperation and communication, able to coordinate and share tasks, work in harmony and solve any problems that may arise.

Customer needs are always the focus of our approach

Since Effebi opened its doors, we have always pursued a corporate culture oriented to customers and keeping them satisfied. Once the customer shares requirements with us, they become a priority. We meet the requirements of Italian and international customers with products and solutions tailored to their needs and customized for their expectations. We have a fast response time to queries and even try to be ahead of the game whenever possible.